Hall of Mirrors looks after the wellbeing of everyone who works for the company and is an important part of our overall ‘duty of care’ responsibility.  We do everything we can to try to prevent and stop bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation at work.

We encourage new starters to take the free 30-minute Screenskills course, designed to help everyone to recognise and address harassment behaviours in themselves and others.  https://www.screenskills.com/online-learning/learning-modules/tackling-harassment-and-bullying-at-work/

Anyone who harasses, victimises or discriminates against someone at work is responsible for their own actions.   However, as an employer, we are responsible as well, and do everything we reasonably can to protect staff from harassment, discrimination and victimisation. This covers employees and workers, contractors and self-employed people hired work for us and job applicants

We would take any complaint very seriously and address it as soon as possible in a confidential, fair and sensitive way.

In the first instance, we would aim to deal with the situation informally and in-house.  We would talk to the person or persons raising the complaint in order to understand more about the issue and would aim to agree the best approach to resolve.   There may be several courses of action which might include: – having a private word with the person (s) about whom they’re complaining, who may not be aware of the impact of their behaviour, encouraging an apology, trying mediation between the parties in a neutral way, re scheduling working patterns,  etc.

If this is not possible and the employee wishes to make a formal complaint, as a small company we would seek legal advice and employ an independent trained professional to investigate the grievance and handle a conflict resolution plan, with the full support of Hall of Mirrors.   As a last resort, this could result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

The priority of Hall of Mirrors is to support employees and their wellbeing and mental health.   There is a zero-tolerance approach to any proven harassment, bullying, discrimination or victimisation.