Hall of Mirrors Media Ltd. is strongly committed to making our productions as environmentally sustainable as possible.

We are proud to be a part of BAFTA’s Albert Sustainable Productions scheme.

Here are some of the ways we’re working to reduce our carbon footprint:


We chose our office location in the W2 complex because of the eco-friendly credentials : energy provided by solar panels on the roof / plenty of natural light / motion-sensor lighting / recycling facilities / re-imagining furniture, etc.

We print only when absolutely necessary, and send all call sheets, risk assessments and contracts digitally. Our printer paper is FSC Certified but we are in the process of changing to recycled printer paper.

We’ve increased our use of Zoom meetings rather than requiring people to travel for face to face meetings. Several team members walk or cycle to the office.

We use cycle couriers to transport things around Cardiff.

Our staff work from home several days a week, minimizing travel to/from the office.



We hire cars from a trusted local supplier (Charter Vehicle Hire) who have a strong environmental policy. Hire cars are newer, use the latest technology e.g. stop-start engines, higher mpg, and are regularly maintained to ensure vehicles run at their optimum levels. Electric and hybrid vehicles are available. Carsharing on location is encouraged.


Wherever possible we book the most environmentally-friendly hotels e.g. Premier Inn are proud to be setting industry-leading goals for sustainability. All their hotels are powered using 100% renewable energy & they have robust recycling and food waste policies.


We hire in equipment as required and use low energy LED light panels for lighting. Camera and light panel batteries are rechargeable and our freelancers use rechargeable batteries for microphones, drones and smaller pieces of equipment too.


Our editing and dubbing is done at either Gorilla or BBC CSQ, both of which provide state-of-the-art facilities where environmental considerations have been integral to the fitting out of the suites etc.