Wales: England’s Colony?


Wales: England’s Colony? Historian, Martin Johnes, explores the story of Wales and its uneasy relationship with England. He travels the length and breadth of Wales, visiting some of its most spectacular castles, passing through breath-taking landscapes and uncovering a story of conflict that is often as surprising as it is revelatory. [...]

Down the Social


Down the Social Owen Money and Mandy Starr visit four distinct Social Clubs around Wales. Each club has their own untold stories and secrets hidden behind closed doors.

The Apartheid Tour


Gareth Edwards: Rugby, Apartheid and Me 1 x 60 | BBC1 Gareth Edwards explores the story of the 1970 South Africa rugby tour of the UK, a tour that was widely interrupted by anti-apartheid protesters.

Our Lives: Saving Dad


Our Lives: Saving Dad 1 x 30 | BBC1 The former coxswain of the St David’s lifeboat heads out on the lifeboat one last time, to the site of his most famous rescue.

Our Lives: Defying Gravity


Our Lives: Defying Gravity 1 x 30 | BBC1 Lily Rice is a rising star in WCMX - a sport in which wheelchair athletes perform a range of stunts and tricks at high speed. But can Lily become the first British woman to land a full 360 [...]

Tudur’s TV Flashback


Tudor's TV Flashback Series | BBC1 Wales A returning series in which comedian Tudur Owen digs through the BBC archives to discover our foibles and eccentricities on a range of subjects, from inventors and adventurers to campaigners and the supernatural.

How Not To Be Lonely


How not to be lonely 1x60 | S4C With lockdown, and her daughters having left home, Myfanwy Alexander embarks on a journey to find a solution to loneliness.

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